FAQs About Societies
Bank Accounts

Once your organisation is approved by the Registrar of Societies, you will probably want to open a current account to manage your organisation's finances. The procedure will vary from bank to bank, but generally, the following would be required by the bank:

  • Completed Account Opening Form, which would include details for your elected office bearers;
  • Original Society Registration Certificate (to be sighted by the bank) and 2 photocopies of the same;
  • 2 copies of your society's constitution;
  • 2 copies of the minutes of society's AGM, detailing the names of elected office bearers and their respective positions; 
  • 2 copies of letter of resolution passed in the affirmative by your executive to the effect that the society intends to open an account with the relevant bank.  (Ensure you specify the number of signatories required and who are the signatories for the bank account, as stated in your association’s Constitution)