About The MAAC

The Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (The MAAC) is the national organisation for Malaysian alumni associations of Australian universities and other institutions of higher learning.

The MAAC was initiated in June 1996 when the need to establish a national organisation for Malaysian-based alumni associations of Australian universities was recognised at a meeting to plan the then 1996 Malaysian Australian University Alumni Convention (MAUAC) in Kuala Lumpur. That meeting consequently moved to establish The MAAC and The MAAC Protem Committee of five members, which was charged with the responsibility of pursuing and developing this initiative.

This Protem Committee proceeded to take the necessary steps to formalise The MAAC, including drafting and subsequently promulgating The MAAC Constitution and formulating a strategic plan to provide the strategic direction for The MAAC.

The formation of The MAAC was made official in November 1999, with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) approval of the application for a registered society status. Since its inception in 1996, The MAAC has successfully organised many activities and worked with various organisations and individuals to bring together various Malaysian graduates from Australian Universities and other institutions of higher learning through their respective Alumni Associations and representatives. Given the number of Malaysian alumni of Australian universities and other institutions of higher learning, it is hoped that The MAAC will be able to establish itself, in accordance to its Vision and Missions.

Now helmed by a fifteen-member Executive, The MAAC represents and serves its member entities on various issues related to Malaysia-Australia relations, as well as organises many activities throughout the year.