A Decade of MACC Scholarships
A Decade of MACC Scholarships

This is the story of a unique initiative that has crossed its 10-year mark.

Building on the aspirations of the original Colombo Plan that enabled many young Malaysians to pursue higher education in Australia, the Malaysia Australia Colombo Plan Commemoration (MACC) Scholarships Program was founded on the enduring bonds between Malaysia and Australia. Launched in 2002, the MACC Scholarships took the Colombo Plan a step further by providing a two-way exchange of scholars between Malaysia and Australia, hence it is commonly known as the 'reverse Colombo Plan'.

A Decade of MACC Scholarships is written to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the MACC Scholarships Program, and it tells the story of how the Colombo Plan inspired a group of Malaysian graduates of Australian Universities to reciprocate Australia's contribution to Malaysia, and documents its growth over the years.

Since its inception, more than 250 students from Malaysia and Australia have benefited from their higher education experience made possible by the MACC Scholarships Program that is spearheaded by The Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC). This shared education opportunity has not only contributed to a better understanding between the two countries but has also forged enduring friendships and lasting memories in the lives of many scholars who participated in the exchange program.

The highlight of A Decade of MACC Scholarships is the presentation of the exclusive profiles of 30 young and bright individuals who have been recipients of the MACC Scholarships over the years. These Malaysians and a handful of Australians candidly share fond memories of their academic and life experience away from home and how they have benefited from the education abroad. This book also features some of the participating universities that have given their support to the MACC Scholarships Program over the years.