The Malaysian Australian Chapter Awards 2023 Nomination Form

General Eligibility Criteria

  • All nominations must be supported by the University of the respective association/chapter/group
  • Self nominations are not allowed and will be disqualified
  • Attachments should not be more than 5 pages Anything more than 5 pages will be disregarded and only the first 5 pages will be considered

Selection Criteria

This award recognises an alumni association/chapter/group that has increased awareness of the significant role alumni play in strengthening the Australia – Malaysia relationship and demonstrated the lasting impact of alumni engagement programs. The alumni association/chapter/group must:

  • Be a Council Member or Council Associate of The Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC)
  • Have an online presence through social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, Youtube, Twitter, etc)
  • Enhance the awareness of the value of alumni within their respective association/chapter/group
  • Have completed a project or activity over the preceding 12 months that had an impact on a local or international community and involved a majority of the association/chapter/group’s members in the areas of the arts, education, environment, finance, health, social or volunteerism
  • Demonstrate collaboration amongst and contribution to members of the association/chapter/group on a one-off or annual basis with evidence of one or more creative and innovative approach relating to alumni engagement activities
  • Support the objective of The MAAC and have involved The MAAC directly or indirectly in one or more of their events/ activities over the preceding 12 months
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2Proposed Association / Chapter / Group
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Nominator's Details

Supported by:

Must be an officer from the University of the proposed association/chapter