Empowering Futures: UCSI College and the MAAC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Event Uniting Science Lab Demonstrations and Career Counselling

Saturday, 28 October 2023

Event Overview:

On 28 October 2023, UCSI College and the MAAC successfully collaborated on their first social corporate responsibility (CSR) Science Lab Demonstration and Career Counselling event. This initiative aimed to provide underprivileged children with valuable insights into the world of higher education while fostering a sense of hope and excitement for their futures.

The collaboration brought together Associate Professor Dr. Mabel Tan and Professor Dr. Chong Aik Lee, who orchestrated a dynamic program filled with engaging activities, informative sessions, and interactive demonstrations. The event focused on showcasing the wonders of science through hands-on laboratory experiments and offering career counselling sessions to inspire, guide and create opportunities to the invited children towards fulfilling educational and career pathways. These children come from homes where the MAAC raised funds for their Chromebooks in year 2022 and continues to support these Chromebooks until the rentals are completed with Fixmaster IT Distributors Sdn Bhd.


  • Fun-filled Learning: The event was characterised by a blend of fun and learning, creating an enjoyable and enriching experience for the participating children. Through engaging demonstrations and interactive activities, they gained practical insights into various scientific concepts while fostering a love for learning.
  • Empowering Career Guidance: The teachers from USCI College provided valuable career counselling sessions, offering guidance and encouragement to the children as they explored their interests and aspirations. These sessions aimed to instil confidence and provide direction for their future educational and career pursuits. They have also incorporated a specialised RIASEC test for the children to complete and review with UCSI College’s educators, providing them with the opportunity to delve into their potential career paths.
  • Gratitude for Support: It is worth noting that many of the children participating in the event come from underprivileged backgrounds, and their access to educational resources may be limited. We extend our sincere appreciation to the volunteer teachers, the MAAC Executive Committees for transportation arrangements, as well as those who contributed to the donation of Chromebooks in 2022. Additionally, we express gratitude to those who provided lunch and desserts out of their own pockets. Your generosity has played a significant role in supporting these children’s educational journey and enriching their learning experiences.


The collaboration between UCSI College and the MAAC on the Science Lab Demonstration and Career Counselling event was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of Associate Professor Dr. Mabel Tan and Professor Dr. Chong Aik Lee. Together, they brought joy, knowledge, and hope to underprivileged children, empowering them to pursue higher education and fulfilling career paths. We look forward to future collaborations that will further enrich the lives of our youth and continue to make a positive impact.

Thank you to everyone in making this event a memorable and impactful experience for all participants.