Malaysia Australia Alumni Relations Dinner

A group of about 50 Malaysian graduates of various Australian Universities were recently invited to a dinner at the La Scala Italian Restaurant & Lounge Bar. The dinner was an invitation from Mr Philip Kimpton, the new Counsellor from the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade at the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

There were 5 tables at the dinner, each hosted by a representative from the Australian High Commission. Ms Pat PW Yeoh, President of The MAAC was also invited for the dinner along with Professor Dr Glenda Crosling, Ex-Officio Member & Chairman of the MABC Education and Training Sub-Committee.

The objective of the dinner was to engage with the various graduates to find out their interest, seek their opinion and brainstorm the different possible engagement strategies that they would like to see in place. This is in line with the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade’s global alumni engagement strategy where a policy will be rolled out soon from Canberra.