University of Tasmania MACC Scholarship [TIS]

University of Tasmania
Name/Location of Campus for Scholarship Offered:

Hobart Campus; Sandy Bay Campus; Newnham Campus, Inveresk Campus, Cradle Coast Campus;

Course Offered:
Name of Course(s):

All international students who submit an International Student Application to study in an undergraduate degree (with the exception of the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Dementia Care and AMC Seafaring courses) will be automatically assessed for the TIS Scholarship by our Admissions Team.
Applicants are automatically assessed for the Tasmanian International Scholarship at the time of submitting their International Student Application. Selection for this scholarship will be based on academic merit achieved in studies at secondary, diploma and degree level courses. Applications are assessed for all semester intakes and selection for this scholarship will be based on an applicant’s highest level qualification prior to commencing their intended study program (minimum one-year duration). Please also note that qualifications and grading scales can vary significantly from country to country.

Number of Scholarship(s):
Duration of Scholarship:
For the whole course
Full or Partial Scholarship:
Partial Tuition Fee Only
What Does The Scholarship Cover:
25% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of the course
Offer Period of Scholarship:
2024 to 2026
Estimated Value of Scholarship (in AUD):
Depending on course
Terms & Conditions of Offer:
For citizens of Malaysia only
Additional Terms & Conditions:

You are an international applicant / student if you are:
– intending to study on a student visa, or
– not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, or
– not an Australian permanent resident, or
– a temporary resident (visa status) of Australia.

Additional Terms and Conditions:
Applicants cannot retain two tuition fee scholarships.

Commencing students only.

Currently not holding any Australian Government scholarship.

To be assessed for the Tasmanian International Scholarship eligibility you first need to apply to study at the
University of Tasmania. A separate scholarship application is not required for bachelor or coursework master
degree programs.

Study Abroad and Exchange international students undertaking short-term academic studies for a 6 or 12
month period at the University are not eligible to receive any international student scholarship or bursary

Sponsored students and those in receipt of a scholarship from their home country or country of residence will
be assessed for the Tasmanian International Scholarship eligibility, with the exception of sponsored students
eligible for AMC tuition fee bursaries or Australian government scholarship recipients.

TIS scholarship eligibility will be reviewed for all eligible courses. Eligibility will be based upon the cumulative
grade point average for the entire study period of your highest qualification completed prior to
commencement at the University of Tasmania (no less than one full year of study).

TIS eligibility is assessed on an applicant’s highest level qualification prior to commencing their intended study
program (minimum one year duration).

If you require a student visa, you will need to allow additional time to apply for your visa.

Final Date for Submission (SEM 1):
Final Date for Submission (SEM 2):
Other Remarks on Closing Dates:

We recommend that students living overseas should apply at least 3 months prior to semester start date and on-shore students apply no less than one month prior to semester start date. Applications are accepted at any time for most courses. Applications can be found at how to apply.