The MAAC 19th Annual Go-Kart Challenge 2019

One of our signature events, The MAAC 19th Annual Go Kart Challenge was held on 10 August 2019 at Sepang International Circuit. We had a total of 17 teams from Australian Universities Alumni Chapter participating this year. Mountain Fresh Fruit Juice was our event sponsor this year.

The weather was gloomy in the morning indicating a storm coming soon before the race started but thankfully it turned better after a while (else we would have to risk stopping the race!). All our participants were very excited about the race and came prepared to be the top team. This year, amongst the team, we had the youngest driver who’s only 13 years old that joined in the fun. What made it more interesting was that she was a rookie and an amazing racer. As always, vegetarian noodles were served as breakfast for all the participants to ensure they have the energy to face the challenge to fight for the top placement, as well as bottled drinking water sponsored by The MAAC President, Ms. Pat PW Yeoh to keep them hydrated. Mountain Fresh sponsored all the prizes this year and setup a booth to promote their fruit juices at a very attractive deal.

The event was officiated by the Deputy Australian High Commissioner, Mr Michael Growder and his wife, Ms Bernadine Caruana, who is the Counsellor for Education and Training. They were accompanied by Ms Pat PW Yeoh, President of The MAAC, event organiser and Vice President of Alumni Relations, Mr Adrian Ong, Vice President of Bilateral Relations, Ms Nicole Lim, Vice President of Education & Welfare, Ms Mina Lim and Ms Suvika Ambigapathy, Public Affairs & Alumni Relations Manager from the Australian High Commission. The marshal gave the participants a briefing on the race before proceeding for a 10 minutes practice and qualifying round. After an hour of endurance race, all the teams mingled around to catch up with their alumni members and made new friends while waiting for the results’ announcement. This year, the top champion went to the alumni from Murdoch University, followed by the University of Sydney who took the second and third place. The wooden cart prize went to the alumni from Monash University.

Everyone celebrated regardless of which team won, as it was more for the bonding of alumni from different Australian universities where friendship was fostered during the event. The MAAC would like to thank all those who participated and helped in order to make this event a success. If you have missed this exiting challenge this year, remember to come and take part in the challenge next year! For those who wants to see more of the Go-Kart Challenge photos, please go to our album here