The MAAC introduces New Deputy High Commissioner at Alumni Heads & Representative Gathering 2015

The annual gathering of Alumni Heads and Representative with special VIP guests, Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia, His Excellency Rod Smith PSM and Deputy High Commissioner, Dr. Angela Macdonald PSM was held on 25th November 2015. It was held at PIckNik, Publika, which is owned by a University Queensland Alumnus, Dato Nik Ezar, who ran the restaurant with his son, one of previous Master Chef Finalist. This casual gathering was attended by more than 15 Alumni Representatives.

Adrian Ong, The MAAC Vice President of Alumni Relations introduced the owner of PickNik to the crowd who gave a brief on his restaurant and the food that will be served that evening. This was followed by the start of the dinner which was a simple 4 course meal and during the dinner, everyone got acquainted with each other. Adrian started the traditional ice-breaker where everyone introduces themselves and invited the High Commissioner to address the crowd. The High Commissioner then introduced the new Deputy High Commissioner, Dr. Angela Macdonald, who gave a brief background on herself and stressing the importance of Australia Alumni engagement in Malaysia.