The Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC) Maiden Booth At The 3rd Malaysian Summit of Australia (MASA) Conference In Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Our strategic partnership with the Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA) for this event has raised our profile in Australia and many Malaysian students are now aware that we represent the alumni chapters of various Australian Universities in Malaysia.

Video logs produced by the MAAC from 2013 and 2014 were played at the MAAC booth to showcase The MAAC’s role and featured some distinguished Malaysian graduates from Australian Universities. A keynote from the current Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia, Hi Excellency Mr Rod Smith was also featured in the video logs.

Students returning to Malaysia upon graduation can contact The MAAC in order for us to help them connect with the local Alumni chapters of their respective Australian Universities.

Photo courtesy of MASCA photographer, showing student volunteer Wern Han explaining about the role of The MAAC to students visiting the career fair on Day 2 of the MASA Conference in Brisbane.