Volunteers Wanted!

We Want You: Serve Your Alumni Council

Calling out Australian graduates who wish to serve in the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC). This is your opportunity to serve your Australian alumni community.

You’ve decided to volunteer? What’s next?

As a volunteer, you can have a real impact on the work of the MAAC. Three easy steps will take you there. First, consider your talents, strengths, and/or interests. Think about capacities you like to develop too. Next, consider your other commitments and how much time you can give. Finally, research the opportunities.

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering has its benefits! There are hundreds of ways to volunteer and equally as many ways that volunteering will benefit you and enhance your life. Consider these benefits:

  • Meet alumni from other universities and develop lasting friendships;

  • Help shape current and future life at your own university alumni associations;

  • Gain or enhance your leadership, communication, problem-solving, consensus, and team-building skills – skills that can help your professional career;

  • Connect with other volunteers and senior Association leaders and the experience, history, and contacts that they bring to the table;

  • Utilize great tools and updates online, via email, and in print;

  • Build your career opportunities and as you are challenged with new roles or opportunities;

  • Get satisfaction from giving back and making a real difference;

  • Have lots of fun!

Areas of Contribution

  • Website

  • Facebook

  • Events

  • Administration

  • Data Entry

  • Fund raising & Sponsorship

Volunteer Awards and Leadership Roles

Though many of our top alumni volunteers tell us that the service is its own reward, the MAAC formally recognizes alumni and friends of the MAAC who demonstrate outstanding service and accomplishment. Awards will be presented annually to deserving recipients.

To serve, please contact:

Mr. Adrian Ong

(Vice-President, Alumni Relations)

Mobile: 012.661.8898

Email: adrianongleo@unifi.my