Meet Our Patron

Education has been a foundation of the Australia – Malaysia relationship and contributed significantly to the strong personal ties between our countries.

Malaysians were the largest cohort of students studying in Australia under the original Colombo Plan, and since then about 300,000 Malaysians have received an Australian academic qualification.

We are honoured that so many Malaysians have chosen to study at an Australian institution and pleased by the significant contributions they have made to Malaysia’s development in government, the arts, science, business and civil society.
Australia’s global alumni are highly talented, globally mobile, and empowered by their world- class Australian education, making them outstanding ambassadors for both our countries.

The passion and dedication alumni chapters demonstrate in promoting Australian education and to sustaining the links between alumni and Australian universities is warmly recognised and greatly appreciated.

As the Patron of the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council, I look forward to further strengthening our education ties – through student mobility in both directions, academic and research collaboration and institutional links. We look forward to drawing from the experiences of you all in this endeavour.

His Excellency Dr Justin LEE
The Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia
Graduate of The University of Adelaide