The MAAC 20th Anniversary Book

Since its inception in 1996 and its registration with the Registrar of Societies in 1999, many great works and wonders have resulted in the MAAC. Today, a 15-member Executive Committee, the MAAC represents and serves its members entities on various issues relating to Malaysian-Australian relations. Now in its 20th year milestone, a commemorative coffee table book titled ‘Of Wau & Boomerang: Nurturing Malaysian Talents Across Borders’ was launched, which resonated with the undisputed epic sojourns of 32 Malaysian alumni in conjunction with the MAAC Annual Australian Alumni Gala Dinner 2019 on 13 December 2019.

Combing pages of this publication, there will be the discovery thematic of trials and adversities amongst the 32 alumni towards their ambition. Some names are recognisable, others not. Equally, these unsung heroes have endured more than their fair share of adversities and they deserve the recognition; particularly because they did not ask for it. These alumni have come to face hardships, fears, and for some, simply sheer horrid luck. However, through their turmoil, they have managed to become leaders in their fields, not only reinforcing the fact that their Australian education elevated their totalities but shaped them into responsible, respectable members of society. This publication is in the reflection and tribute to the trials and successes of past as well as hope for the future of 32 outstanding Malaysian alumni from Australian universities and institutes of higher learning in their feverous labours of change and the betterment of the world.

The characterisation of a Boomerang and a Malaysian Wau held a heavy hand in representing the 32 resolute alumni. Their journey depicted in the flight of both symbols; not knowing what to expect yet soaring high with the qualification, experience, and exposure with the ultimate heart of flying home. Across the pages, we deepen the heartfelt experiences of the alumni through the embodiment of the Boomerang and the Malaysian Wau; carefully depicting each journey as unique, completing their studies to return to do great things for the nation as they soar high above the sky, fostering capacities and flairs across international borders. This unique tribute to 32 alumni of a high achieving multicultural learning community couriers the richness of growth, evolution, and optimism, mitigating to a dynamic future.

Sneak Peek

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