Deakin University Alumni Networking Evening

Deakin University hosted an Alumni Networking Evening at Taste Restaurant, Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences on 3rd July 2014.  The event was organized by JMD Consulting Ltd, where Associate Professor Jamie Mustard, Associate Dean from Faculty of Business and Law,  hosted a group of 20 students who are doing Bachelor of Commerce that may have double degrees with Arts, Law or other majors from Deakin University.  The event is aimed at allowing the students to be able to network and chat with graduates and alumni about their career paths and experiences in Deakin.  The students are in KL for Malaysian Group Internship Scheme in their studies, where they come for two weeks to undertake a project in groups of four (4) at five(5) selected companies, namely Mad Incubator, Sheffield Executive, Business Boosters, Actioncoach and TANMA for this particular group.  These students are encouraged to work in cross-disciplinary teams to complete projects, while gaining an introduction to Malaysian culture.  They come from three (3) different campuses in Deakin University, Australia and this is the third group under this scheme organized by JMD Consulting.  SME’s host are identified to not only develop a project which is often something that needing more time or resources to be completed but also to provide best familiarisation and cultural experience. Past examples are :  A market strategy for a small start up, Market research on a market segment, A business analysis of a small company with recommendations, Development of social media marketing strategy and Communication strategy for an NGO.  This gives the students a real life experience on a project where they work as a small consulting team, and where they must learn to negotiate with KL traffic, the Malaysian work culture and Malaysian’s obsession with food.  It was a wonderful networking dinner as everyone is treated to an authentic steamboat cuisine.