The MAAC 14th Annual Go-Kart Challenge 2014

What an event this year. The MAAC’s annual Go-Kart Challenge started with a bang on Saturday, August 9, 2014 at the Sepang International Circuit with participation from a good number of Australian Alumni. A total of 15 teams participated in the challenge representing their respective university alumni chapters. There was a spark of excitement when the event partner, Monash University Malaysia arrived with cupcakes, aerated drinks and mineral waters. Everyone was excited and ready to take on the track.

HE Mr Rod Smith PSM, the Australian High Commissioner was guest of honour along with the representative from Monash University Malaysia, Mr Gavin Gomes, Director, External Relations, Development and Alumni. Also in attendance were the foreign exchange students from Monash University. HE Mr Rod Smith PSM gave a short speech followed by Mr Gavin Gomes, who spoke about one of the Monash Alumnus, Mr Brandon Lim who lost his life after a road accident last year. A minute of silence was observed by everyone in memory of Brandon as well as those who perished in the Malaysia Airline flight MH 17. Brandon was an avid go-kart racer who never failed to participate every year with his team. A commemorative trophy was also presented to Brandon’s team, who represented Monash, in memory of his team spirit and perseverance as well as for Monash 8th consecutive year win since year 2005. After all the formalities, HE Mr Rod Smith PSM and Mr Gavin Gomes, accompanied by Pat PW Yeoh, President of The MAAC and Nicole Lim, Vice President (Bilateral Relations), circled the circuit followed by a flag off by HE Mr Rod Smith PSM and Pat PW Yeoh, setting the endurance race off for the next hour. Later, the Red Bull car also arrived in the middle of the race to give everyone free Red Bull drink.

The weather was great throughout the race and everyone were excited as it’s the first time the race is taking place at the Sepang International Circuit. HE Mr Rod Smith PSM along with his chauffeur; Mr Gavin Gomes and one of the exchange student also formed a team for the race.

After an hour, the race ended and everyone took off their helmets and waited anxiously for the results. The 2014 Go-Kart Challenge winner was again the returning Champion of 2013. Congratulations to the 9th consecutive year champion from Monash University Alumni Chapter.

The MAAC prepared takeout boxes of mee siam and friend meehoon for brunch and everyone took the opportunity to network. It was another successful Go-Kart event and The MAAC couldn’t have done it without the support of Monash University Malaysia, Australian High Commission in Malaysia and The MAAC Executive Committee. Thank you all for your support and see you again next year! For those who wanted to see more of the Go-Kart Event pictures please go to our album here.