2011 MAAC Go-Kart Challenge

The MAAC held its annual Go-Kart Challenge on July 30, 2011 at the Shah Alam City Karting Circuit. Despite the heavy downpour, the turnout was great and spirit was high as the 13 teams along with their family members and friends waited eagerly for the rain to stop.

The event was graced by His Excellency, Mr. Miles Kupa, the High Commissioner of Australia in Kuala Lumpur whose son, Alexander also participated in the race as one of the team members in the Austrade team, named ‘Trade Secrets’.

The day started with a drizzle followed by a heavy downpour but everyone was confident that the rain will stop for the race to go on. Sure enough, by approximately 10am, the rain stopped and with enthusiasm, all 13 teams started to prepare themselves for the race. There were also a few teams geared in full racing outfit, ready to grab the championship trophy.

Mr. Adrian Ong, the MAAC Vice President of Alumni Relations started the ball rolling with a short introduction and announcement followed by a few words from His Excellency, Mr. Miles Kupa, the High Commissioner of Australia in Kuala Lumpur. The participants were also given a short prep talk by the City Karting authorities on safety as well as the’Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’.

Once all the formalities were done, the participants were asked to choose their karts. Each team has 4 participants and is given a kart with 2 helmets. Each team is to endure as many laps as possible in 1 hour where each participant is allowed on the circuit for approximately 10 minutes. However, before the race began, the teams were to endure a qualifying round to determine their start positions and for them to familiarise themselves with both the karts and the circuit. The qualifying round went for approximately 20 minutes.

The MAAC President, Ms. Pat PW Yeoh was given the honour to flag off the race and the race began! The 13 teams include:

  • Austrade (Trade Secrets)
  • Charles Sturt University Alumni
  • Curtin University Alumni
  • Monash University Alumni (2 teams)
  • Murdoch University Alumni
  • Newcastle University
  • University of South Australia Alumni (2 teams)
  • University of Technology Sydney Alumni
  • Victoria University Alumni (2 teams)
  • The MAAC Team

After approximately an hour of endurance race, it was time to wave the checked flag and Ms. Pat PW Yeoh, the MAAC President was again given the honours. As the participants prepare to step on it to get the last lap in, results were tabulated.

Although soaked, wet and dirty the teams were happy with their performance as all successfully completed the race with no problems. Family members and friends waited eagerly at the podium as the results were finalised.

Finally, the results are out! Mr. Adrian Ong, the MAAC Vice President of Alumni Relations took the stage and thank everyone for their participation before announcing the results. He started from the bottom where the last team will be presented with the Wooden Kart prize which went to Charles Sturt University Alumni. The MAAC team, although did not make the top 10 but came in at 11th place and the Austrade Team – Trade Secrets came in 4th. The winners for 2011 are:

  1. Monash University Alumni I
  2. University of South Australia Alumni
  3. Monash University Alumni II

Every participants were give the book ‘Turning Green’, written by Mr. Chris Tan, the MAAC Vice President of Bilateral Relations and the winners were each presented with a medal and gift by His Excellency, Mr. Miles Kupa, the High Commissioner of Australia in Kuala Lumpur. The champion was also presented with the Challenge Trophy and believe it or not, it is the same team who won for the past 6 years.

Photo sessions followed and everyone was served drinks and lunch before the day ended with yet another successful race. We hope to see everyone again next year and with more teams…

If you missed the event this year, no worries – check out http://youtu.be/PZu2T_ATQfw